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на форум большого и весьма антикопирайтного сайта, посвященного ВН, поступило такое сообщение от (по всей видимости) самого Сына Писателя:

Alert to infringements
Dmitri Nabokov
14 10 2006 19:51 ответить

An open letter to Alexandr Svirilin:

Mr. Svirilin,

This is just a quick note to tell you that
Vladimir Nabokov's "Easter Rain", which you claim
to be translating, has been translated,
copyrighted, and published (inConjunctions), as
had been "The Word" (in The New Yorker) , of which
you have issued an illegitimate translation
online. The unpublished play Death, which you
mention as if you might be setting your sights on
it, is currently being translated and prepared for
publication. The same is true of a number of
Nabokov poems. I suggest you document yourself
very carefully with regard to the new Russian
copyright law -- and clear things with my agent --
before wasting further effort and getting yourself
into serious trouble. I also suggest you find
some expert advice on the Berne Convention, since
the understanding of it that you display is
woefully inadequate.

I don't know what your true aspirations are, but
petty literary hooliganstvo (I refer to your forum
shenanigans under the pen name "Ace"; your
provocational flirtation with the miserable Livry;
your part in the unauthorized online listing of my
father's works; your continuing insinuations, even
though the notion has long since been exploded,
that Nabokov had something to do with
Levi-Agheiev's Novel with Cocaine; and the various
infringements you are currently engaged in) will
bring you no glory. If, by illegally posting your
version, together with my draft translation
(obtained under false pretenses) of a paragraph
Nabokov omitted from his Russian translation of
Lolita you wished to compete with me for
translational honors, suit yourself (même, cher
Monsieur, si vous n'êtes pas duelable). Finally,
the way you took advantage of my generous response
when you first approached me disqualifies you from
any mention or acknowledgment in future editions
of Lolita, and simply confirms that your tainted
behavior will preclude whatever talent you may
possess from being taken seriously in the future.

Unlike you, I do not need to hide behind
pseudonyms or pseudonymous initials.

Dmitri Nabokov


Свирилин уже ответил, но мне вот что непонятно: если Сыну Писателя известен и сайт и его администраторы, то уже давно мог бы и в суд обратиться - при таких-то мнениях - но не обратился. Warum?
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